Log Shed Creations
Wisconsin Hand Crafted Log Furniture and Accessories
Living Room Furniture
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Custom design your living room with rustic log furniture to give a unique
touch to your home. Choose from a variety of woods such as white cedar,
red cedar or pine to achieve the decorative rustic look you would like with
the unique wood coloration from nature. You can have your log furniture
made from more rustic (non-typical) logs and stay with the more typical
design. Upholstery is available in a variety of fabrics and designs of your
choice. Log couches, loveseats, chairs, rocking chairs, futons, with solid wood
frames all can be custom created to fit your needs. Log coffee tables, log end
tables, log sofa tables, log entertainment centers, log TV stand or any creation
or design that you would like can be created for you from Log Shed Creations.
Entertainment Center Unique Log Coffee Table Livingroom Chair
Red Cedar Chair with
Bear Scene Upholstery
Rustic Red Cedar Coffee Table
Log Couch and Coffee Table
Log Rocking Chair
Log Pine Coffee Table with Wood Burn Art Work Log Red Cedar Coffee Table

Red Cedar Love Seat
with Bear Scene Upholstery
Red Cedar Couch with Bear Scene Upholstery
Log Red Cedar Non-Typical Couch with Southwest Design Fabric
Log Couch Log Loveseat
Rustic Log Coffee Table with Bottom Shelf Rustic Log Coffee Table
Rustic Log End Table Rustic Log End Table
Red Cedar Couch Red Cedar Love Seat
Rustic Red Cedar Log Sofa Table Entertainment Center
Contact Log Shed Creations for log furniture for cabins, lake homes,
hotels, hunting lodges or even a themed family room where you would
like to create a frontier atmosphere with an appeal of the wilderness.
Our hand crafted log and rustic furniture will add a rustic decor
warm and inviting for family, friends and quests.

Unique styles in a variety of wood types.
Prices are based on size, style and wood type.
Let us make a creation for you!